Web Design and Programming Pt 1 PHP

This is the first part of a tutorial in which I’ll build tons of websites using PHP, SQL, MySQL, JavaScript, and AJAX applications. In the end you’ll be able to make WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins and much more. Code is Here: goo.gl
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. GivanniDrogo

    very good job derek!
    I like your tutorials because they’re fast, precise and they cover exactly what a programmer have to know to learn a new language, without long unuseful intros

  2. derekbanas

    I just wrote down what I wanted to cover and kept going until I was satisfied I had covered everything. Most of the code is written from a few notes I have sitting infront of me. If I planned to much I’d never get the videos done. Especially not as quickly

  3. wew2005

    Hey Derek, I have a question in regard to your teaching methods. How did you decide what information to include when? Seems like a great first video but I was curious as to how you went about organizing your presentation of the information

  4. derekbanas

    What you have to understand is that I’m not a professional video guy. I just keep trying to improve. I think my old videos are slow and will work if you learn that way. I think the new videos are more like review tools, or great videos to watch after you watched the previous slow videos. I think if you have the code in front of you you’ll better understand the videos. The order to learn is html, css, javascript, jquery, php, mysql, java

  5. ilikedogs87

    Hey Derek. I wonder if you can give some advice. I love your videos, however since you keep updating or remaking them I’m not sure which ones are the most relevant. My end goal is to become very knowledgeable of digital design, everything from the basic css html, to advanced user interface and graphics. (I know this is kind of broad…)

    My question is – which videos in what order would you recommend? I’ve already gone over your html, css, and javascripting vids. Thanks a lot!

  6. drunkenjireh

    hi there derek.
    i’m having some trouble.. when put php in the html head title and in the body, i just get the codes when i open it in the browser.. seems like it does not process the php codes inside the html.. help me out plss.. i hope to hear fro you soon..

  7. bizzwoofer

    hey – would you know why, when i try to look up web pages via my browser (AFTER uploading them to the apache root directory, that is) my browser only displays the EXACT CODE that i’ve written, w/o actually processing the code, then outputting the result? It’s perplexing me, and any answer would be greatly appreciated, as is the excellent design videos!!

  8. shakaama

    is there any possible way to have php commands in a dotHTML file? I know you can just use it as dotPHP, but is there any way.

  9. derekbanas

    I put a link to all the code in the under bar for this video. Sorry I forgot to do that

  10. derekbanas

    It is just a hobby. I spend about 2 hours a day doing this stuff. That’s why there is a lag on occasion when I make something complicated. I’m glad you like it :)

  11. linardzb

    Brilliant Job, where do you find time for this all, or it is your full time job, if I may ask?

  12. derekbanas

    Glad you liked it! Yes I love Doctor Who! I’m in the final David Tennant season. I’m sure to miss him.

  13. Hoogliette

    An excellent series of tutorial – perfect for me who knows a little but is not expert. It prioritises well php’s scope and you get to the meat quickly. By the way Doctor Who is very good and whole episodes are available to view on bbc iplayer. Best Wishes – Cyril.

  14. sondano

    with the same usability issues as MySQL’s website or the W3C’s. They should create something like the jQuery API browser

  15. derekbanas

    I’ll fix it. You escape quotes for example ” so that the language interpreter knows that the double quote is not the end of the characters I want printed in the browser. This allows you to print something like “He said “Hello”" Without the escape PHP would think the string you want to print is He said. Hit me with all of your questions and I’ll walk through them step by step. Thanks :)

  16. derekbanas

    You kind of inspired this tutorial. I definitely will cover PHP security, because it is a major issue online right now.