- Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Developing With Drupal

Last week we answered the challenge laid down by Tony Wong to build a plan to ship a MVP (minimum viable product) of the ThisWeekIn website redesign in under six hours, and today we start working! Watch as Tony and Jose guide us through the first hour of work: Aure will select a Drupal template from several vendors and Jacob Pittassi will take you through a Drupal 7 install. The goal by the end of today’s episode? Have a basic ThisWeekIn Web Design page with a functional episode ready for viewing!
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  1. rosy22140

    It’s a great amazing video. I heartily congratulates to you to implement such new concepts. It’s really very informative video and it taught me many concepts. Thanks for our? co-operation towards its (video) uploading and developing way.

  2. HuotMediaDesigns

    Hey guys, thanks for the response. I had a discussion with our IT Team today and the mutual feeling reflects what you are saying. We are looking into Zend as an option with their support options, servers, adn framework which is something we are looking for. I am not that familiar with Scrum, but it is something I will look into over the next week. Anything I learn about project management can only make me a better employee. I think you guys have a vid on it, I will watch it. Thanks!

  3. thegroop

    That is a good question. The way we assess this is “step into the future” and try to think of all of the scenarios (what the CMS needs to do day to day) what we can go into. Choose the “best scenario” and the using Scrum estimation to assess how much complexity and effort it will take to take a given course. If the complexity and cost are high and the “return” or improvements are low – then we don’t do it. Keeping Joomla and updating will likely to turn out less effort.

  4. HuotMediaDesigns

    Question: At what point should you drop open source and start your own in-house project. I have been using Joomla on the main site I manage. Over the years I have modified both extensions and framework to make the site work the way I need it to. With Joomla dropping 1.5 support, I am forced to migrate either to 1.7 or start my own CMS. I don’t want to waste a large amount of time going to 1.7 when I hear 2.0 is in the near future and not backwards compatible. Thanks in advance!

  5. ThisWeekIn

    We’re adding a bit each week. I’ll probably have a screencap of both Jacob and Aure’s machines next week as well as screen caps of Jose’s, and three cameras for the studio. Thanks for watching, we’re hoping to have the page up and running with Aure’s modified template next week.

  6. nuclearhappines

    i think if the 3rd laptop gotomeeting’d or skype desktop shared what the Aure and Jacob were working on, with the over the shoulder cam switching between those 2 calls that would’ve been better. It was very hard to see what was being displayed through the projector … but when we got to see it ‘over the shoulder’ and could actually see what was going on that was cool… I’m impressed by how much faster it seems to setup Drupal 7 (over D5 and D6 which I hated)…