HTML5 & CSS Web Design – 107 – HTML5 Page Layout

Part 7 of Web Design tutorials covering basics of web development with HTML5 and CSS. In this we look at how HTML structure has changed from XHTML 1 to HTML5 and how we can create a structure with the new semantic tags. Tutorials by Will Goldstone see for more info.


  1. willgoldstone

    purely semantic as far as I understand, as the html has no bearing on the layout or behaviour – so it matters not!

  2. SaintFookinJimmy

    I thought sections were supposed to contain articles, not the other way around?

  3. jtarrats100

    Willgoldstone thank you for replay,
    I was refering to styling of the article and section inside of those articles

    and the aside tag which is not displaying where I like it too be.
    do you have any videos devoted to css styling of this tags.

  4. willgoldstone

    no you can just refer to section in the css.. only use classes in addition if you wish to distinguish between them.

  5. jtarrats100

    great video but I have question , the article section pf the document , do you have to ad classes to each section of the main content,

  6. heyhelloallpeople

    Hello Man you are a great teacher!!! I’m from AZERBAIJAN and watched your tutorials!
    Thanks again this educational information!

  7. stevenspartan

    great videos really helped me get to grips with the new tags. Going to take a while to get used to not using div tags for the bulk of my formating.

  8. shakaama

    oh and yes, people say “i can do all this now in html 5″ like everyone says it. and on top of that, people are saying they don’t need designers, “i can do it all myself now in html5″

  9. shakaama

    isn’t this all still very much premature? it will not be officially recognized for still some years.

    oh and don’t worry, you can’t offend me, I’m capricorn, i’d need a heart to be offended. and, as of yet, i haven’t discovered my having a heart. it’s just a matter of course, not to engender sympathy.

  10. willgoldstone

    thats a strange and narrow minded view, especially as the part that hasn’t changed is the design – the css has only gotten more detailed and powerful. surely? everyone needs one. Sorry to sound insulting but I don’t think you’ve fully grasped what html5 is – you know its just mostly reassigning of tags at the basic level? when people quote ‘oh this is done in html5′ now, usually what they mean is canvas or webgl anyhow.

  11. cybergrace7

    Very clearly explained. Perfect for folks who used to use XHTML. Thanks, Will.

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  14. willgoldstone

    If you had actually watched just a few seconds longer and listened to the tutorial you’d have realised that I was explaining the old way of doing it, versus the new way – with html5, and all of the things you are describing. See 1:36. Apology accepted.