Google I/O 2011: Mobile Web Development: From Zero to Hero

Michael Mahemoff, Paul Kinlan Explosive growth in the mobile web is set to continue. Don’t leave yourself behind. Writing a new app in every native environment is not always possible, and HTML5 is a way to reuse the bulk of your code across all major platforms. We will show you step-by-step how to build an amazing web app that works on many devices.
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In this new series, aimed at newcomers, I’m going to teach you, from scratch, how to work with the necessary technologies to build web pages.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Zyfernet

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  3. MegF142857

    Another image editor is Corel Paint Shop Pro, which is less expensive than Photoshop. What do you think of that product?

  4. abhijeets06

    love your voice and way you explains jeffery !
    i must say
    ” you born to teach us with awesome voice and awesome skills”

  5. nettutsplus

    @LionArtMedia Well this will be perfect for her. I’m going to cover every single detail. :)

  6. nettutsplus

    @DrRhoxus You sure you’re viewing at 720p? I’m on a massive resolution, and the video is crystal clear.

  7. DrRhoxus

    Hey Jeff, for some reason the quality on this vid seems lower than usual. Tho its 720p, any ideas?

    Great idea for design course!

  8. rafayisz00h

    I guess I really have to say that, I’m a huge fan of jeffery way. I love his voice and the way he explains.

  9. LionArtMedia

    Been searching for something like this for my fiancee! She really wants to learn and I’m no teacher. :D