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Blue Collar Software Launches a New Website

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) February 03, 2015

Blue Collar Software recently announced the launch of its brand new website celebrating the services and resources offered by this small business management software company. Based in Newmarket, ON, Blue Collar Software specializes in providing web based software marketed towards small to medium trade and service businesses. The purpose of the redesign was to make the site more user friendly, with more strategically placed graphics that are pleasing to the eye, as well as compelling content that gets the company message across more clearly. The new site design places importance on the availability of free demos at the top of the home page, as well as quick details on each of the company service offerings.

These service solutions are prominently displayed, including quote management, job creation and management, contact and task calendars, prospects and customers, administration and accounting. Visitors to the website can get a product tour, which outlines clearly how the software works. All of the solutions offered by Blue Collar Software provide a custom dashboard for clients who can easily manage their customer accounts, utilizing everything from contacts and calendars to job quote creation. Full accounting solutions allow the user to track costs, revenue, employees, profits and vendors. Users can also create and manage quotes to email their prospects.

Blue Collar’s new web design makes it easy to learn about the resources available to clients, including features of the software, pricing, blogs, reviews, and even careers available. Blogs and articles explain why a comprehensive software solution like Blue Collar’s works to the advantage of trades people such as plumbers and landscapers, who often have trouble managing their prospects, existing clients and quotes all in one place. Helpful FAQs spell out the answers to the questions of many, such as the best accounting software for a small business, what the difference is between sales and business software, and what the cost is of job scheduling software.

Thanks to the launch of the new website, customers and prospective customers can sign in via a clearly marked button at the top of the home page, or request a free demo.

About Blue Collar Software:

Owned by Raye Ackerman, Blue Collar Software is designed to assist plumbers, electricians, landscapers and roofers with a full featured SaaS business solution. It offers a web based software designed for small to medium size trade and service businesses, and is a subsidiary of ITS Canada which made the Profit 500 list as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in 2014. Blue Collar is located at 245A Main Street, Newmarket, ON, and can be reached by phone at 866-999-4965 or fax at 905-918-0609. Their business hours are Mon – Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST. The URL is http://www.bluecollarsoftware.com/.

3 Ways to Invest $10,000 in 2015 Detailed for Investors at Capital Company Website

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 19, 2015

A new pathway to earning residual income from investments in the housing market has been launched by the JWB Group this year for adults across the U.S. New content is posted on the company website that details 3 ways to invest $ 10,000 in 2015 through various programs at http://www.jwbrealestatecapital.com/best-way-to-invest-10000.

This free of charge content is accessible to investors who plan to use funds to build a portfolio of personal wealth this year. The development of new methods of income generation at the JWB company has helped to prepare the content being offered to website visitors online.

“We’re now providing more tips and solutions that any person can access when considering investing money in the U.S. in 2015,” said a JWB company rep.

The different ways to invest $ 10,000 that are provided at the JWB website this year are focused simple housing industry related investments. Programs like REITs, IRA investing and turnkey properties are showcased in the content. For adults who want more access to income building tips, an investor guide is also available upon request.

“Our website is more than a business card for our company and now includes more helpful content geared towards beginners in all parts of the USA,” said the rep.

The JWB Real Estate Capital company recently celebrated the launch of its construction division late last year. This new program is providing the company with new construction homes that will be used for passive income for current or future company clients. More information on this program can be found in the company blog at http://jwbrealestatecapital.com/blog.

About JWBRealEstateCapital.com

The JWBRealEstateCapital.com company offers free of charge investment industry content that beginners can access on the web. The company launched one of the first turnkey programs in 2005 to help investment clients purchase affordable real estate for sale. The JWBRealEstateCapital.com company has boosted its annual earnings for clients and returns are now above 10 percent owners of the company supplied rental homes.

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2015 Stock of Investment Properties for Sale Added to National Housing Company Website

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) December 19, 2014

Investors who earn income from the sale or long-term holding of an investment property in the U.S. can now benefit from new inventory supplied at the JWB company. A new 2015 stock of investment properties for sale are currently available for nationwide clients at http://jwbrealestatecapital.com.

The rental homes that are available to purchase through next year are positioned in different areas in North Florida. The JWB company invests heavily in the Jacksonville market to take advantage of the increases in rental demand annually. The turnkey approach taken over the past several years has helped to build the new inventory of houses for sale.

“We buy and hold properties in order to help investing clients earn substantial incomes through our turnkey home network,” said one JWB Real Estate Capital source.

The properties that are offered to rental clients this year are single family properties that are listed at or below the current market prices in neighborhoods around Jacksonville, FL. New ways to fund purchases of homes have been developed at JWB to ensure that out of state clients can take advantage of high cap rate rental houses.

“The real estate that we sell each year helps build retirement wealth and passive income for men and women of all age levels,” said the source.

The JWB company has invested into the creation of guides that are offered for free download on the company web portal this year. These guides are PDF documents and streaming videos that help introduce the methods of income generation and how to get started purchasing available properties in the company inventory.

About JWBRealEstateCapital.com

The JWBRealEstateCapital.com company is one source on the Internet to learn how to invest wisely in the real estate market. The company provides free information for its created programs and offers novice or experienced investors easy ways to buy high ROI properties. The JWBRealEstateCapital.com company supports users of its website with streaming videos and textual content that is offered by experts in the housing industry.

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90 Second Website Builder – Version 9 – Using Layers for Responsive Web Design

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Markham Web Design Company, In Front Media Web Services, Offers 5 Tips To Help Determine When Its Time To Redevelop The Company Website.

Markham Ontario (PRWEB) September 23, 2014

When it comes to the company website, how old is too old? This question is a common one asked by site owners over the years. To determine when its time to redesign the website, there are several factors that should be analyzed first.

In Front Media, a web design company in Markham Ontario has been designing and redesigning business websites for nearly 15 years and their Creative Director, Len Doren, offers this, When we meet with both new and existing clients who are pondering whether they need to redesign their company website, we first discuss some basic pointers to help determine the best plan of action.

For many businesses, the initial reason for considering a website redesign usually revolves around an older website that has served its purpose and by design and functionality standards, is behind-the-times.

Len goes on to add, The most common response we get from a new client is usually the fact that the original website design is old, which in most cases means the site was developed more than 5 years earlier. And when I hear that, I usually advise that there may be very little that can be salvaged from the old site. In most cases when that much time has passed, not only will there have been significant advances made in web technology, there are usually many changes within the business itself.

Here are some important pointers to ponder when considering a redesign of the company website.

1) The website is old and the design does little to promote the business in today’s current market.

If the website was created between 2-4 years ago, a good face-lift could be an option. If the site is 5 years old or more its time for a complete overhaul.

2) The website is not compatible with smart phone screens.

Sites that do not have responsive website design attributes to allow the site to render on all types of internet devices can miss out on sales opportunities from people on-the-go.

3) The competition is revamping their sites.

This is as good a reason as any to redesign the company website. Keeping up with the times is one thing, but keeping up with the competition is imperative!

4) New functionality is needed on the site.

Developing new apps or functions for a website can be time-consuming and expensive. However, using WordPress plugins on a newly developed responsive WordPress website is a great idea because most plugins are free or can be had for a nominal cost – and, they could save the company hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

5) A way to update the site content in-house is desired.

Redesigning a site with a Content Management System allows just about anyone with even little experience, to update many parts of the company website. WordPress offers this feature which has been part of its framework for years.

IFM Web Services offers Responsive Web Design, website analysis, SEO Press releases, Search Optimization and Facebook pages for businesses. Located in the Toronto area (GTA), IFM has helped business achieve an effective online presence and has helped clients as far away as Bermuda and Mexico. For more on Social Media, SEO or Web Design for businesses, visit IFM at http://www.ifm.ca.

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New High Tech Pet Website Spotlights Biting-Edge Technology

Ventura, CA (PRWEB) September 23, 2014

High Tech Pet Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electronic pet care products, has launched a new website spotlighting its latest pet technologies and products. The multimedia site is content and graphics rich and includes a library of product and technology related videos. Aside from its slick new look, the new site features a unique dual menu system that allows users to navigate via a conventional category menu and a dynamic keyword and topic menu. “The new site showcases our pet product technology which is unique in the industry,” stated company president, Nick Bonge. The company manufactures a range of “ingenious” products including fully automatic pet doors, remote dog training collars, bark control collars and invisible electric dog fences. Our products and technology need a forum that tells their story,” said Bonge. “Cookie cutter web designs didn’t really allow us to do that.” So, High Tech Pet teamed up with Y-times, Inc., “One of the most creative and clever web design companies in the business,” according to Bonge, to develop what the company hails as a novel approach to web design. The new site, launched in August, has been popular with loyal visitors as well as with new guests. The company’s director of online outreach, Marilou Sabina, stated, “Our existing followers seem to agree that they like the new site much better. Our new visitors just expect a high tech looking and highly functional website from a innovative company like ours. The new sites gives online guests a total multimedia experience that educates as it entertains.”

The company’s state-of-the-art technology includes several firsts in the field of electronic pet care. The most notable may be its new Bluefang technology that uses a Bluetooth dog collar to let pet owners use a smart phone to control an animal’s behavior, track its location, monitor health and fitness and even provide real-time physical training routines for both pet and owner. Bonge, a mechanical engineer and former faculty member at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO, also worked on numerous projects for NASA, Westinghouse and Hewlett Packard before founding Biological Engineering, Inc., the company that would later become High Tech Pet, in 1986 with the creation of the electronic flea collar. One of the best-selling pet products of the 1980s, the ultrasonic device was later reborn as a pet worn transmitter for the company’s Power Pet electronic pet door, now the world’s top selling dog door, according to Bonge. The company also introduced the first sonic, shock-free, bark control collar in 1992. It currently manufactures a full line of sonic and static stimulus electronic dog collars designed to stop dog barking. Their anti-bark collars have the unique ability to tell the difference between nuisance barking and alarm barking, thus inhibiting the kind of barking that annoys the neighbors while allowing a dog to bark to his heart’s content at an intruder. The company’s remote dog training collars are based a proprietary new dog training system that is “Quickly becoming the standard among professional pet trainers,” according to VP Marketing, Terry Stephens. The training system uses auditory tones as both stimulus and reward to teach a dog positive behaviors. In the field of electronic dog fences, the company developed a more humane pet containment technology they call “Pulsed Proportional Stimulus” that automatically increases static (shock) stimulus as the dog approaches a buried wire boundary, allowing the pet to decide the amount of stimulus required to keep it contained.

Moving forward, the company is working to integrate its core product line with its new Bluefang Bluetooth technology, allowing pets to operate numerous automated devices including the automatic pet door, invisible barriers, pet feeders and even a system that turns on lights when the dog barks at a would-be intruder. Referring to the new website, Bonge said, “In the past we focused mainly on our product technology. We now decided to add a little biting-edge technology to our website experience as well.”