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Ideal Cures launches the most advanced ready-to-use film coating system ever

Mumbai, India (PRWEB) December 03, 2014

This 4th generation coating material is being launched under the brand name of INSTACOAT 4G. On the pre-launch occasion, Mr. Suresh Pareek, Managing Director, Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd., one of the inventors, said that, INSTACOAT 4G is a new generation Immediate Release film coating system, designed for rapid film coating which will save time, reduce total cost of coating operations and most importantly, will save energy and help reduce carbon footprint. This product will send our competitors back to the lab for at least 2 – 3 years.”

The motivation to develop the most advanced film coating material was to support the Pharmaceutical Industry worldwide, in their quest to reduce overall cost of film coating process and their carbon footprint.

The coating materials available in the market till 2011, were able to perform only at 15 – 20% level of solid content. The end of 2011 saw companies coming up with coating material having higher solid content of up to 25% and the most successful of them is INSTACOAT EHP250 by Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd.

Film coating is optimization of both film coating material and the coating equipment, which gives most beneficial results to the Pharmaceutical Industry. To meet the industrys demand of bigger batch size continuous coaters with 10 – 30 inch diameter and 22 to 28 spray guns were launched by coating equipment manufacturers. Continuous coaters having bigger diameters and working with high load of tablets, require coating materials that have lower viscosity, are reconstituted at higher solid content, using fewer solvents which dry at a faster rate, thereby consuming less energy and time. For a continuous coater to work efficiently, both the equipment and the coating material have to work in unison with each other to achieve maximum output.

INSTACOAT 4G is the Next Generation film coating technology designed for high output coating operations carried on continuous coater and 60 to 72 inch auto coaters. It can be worked at 35% solid levels as compared to the maximum possible solid level available in the market which is 25 %. INSTACOAT 4G offers a unique high-productivity performance, reducing the coating process time by up to 50%.

INSTACOAT 4G is being launched in the upcoming CPhI Mumbai at booth G28 – Hall 1. The technical team will be available to discuss the benefits of this product.

INSTACOAT 4G is a globally accepted ready mix powder that comprises of a polymer base, filler, plasticizer, opacifier, pigments and anti-adherents. Along with high productivity, the product also offers some other key benefits like- improved gloss, good adhesion and enhanced flow characteristics of coated tablets.

Ideal Cures is an Indian company with a global reach to more than 40 countries, having a subsidiary Ideal Cures Europe SRL and offices in Turkey and Israel. Ideal Cures has 3 cGMP manufacturing plants in India providing world class support to its customers. Ideal Cures has spent more than a decade in the relentless pursuit of excellence in finding customised excipients and coating solutions for solid dosage forms. The product portfolio comprises ready to use film coating systems, modified release technologies, NDDS, Acrylic pharma polymers, extended cooling boosters and neutral spheres.

Press release by Ms Saryu Pareek – Sr. Vice President – Corporate Ideal Cures Pvt Ltd, Mumbai India.

For further information please contact:

Saryu Pareek +912242688711

Email: pareeksaryu(at)idealcures.co.in

Web http://www.idealcures.co.in

India HO and R&D centre

A-223 to 229, Virwani Industrial estate

Off western express highway

Goregaon (east), Mumbai – 4000063


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