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Markham Web Design Company, In Front Media Web Services, Offers 5 Tips To Help Determine When Its Time To Redevelop The Company Website.

Markham Ontario (PRWEB) September 23, 2014

When it comes to the company website, how old is too old? This question is a common one asked by site owners over the years. To determine when its time to redesign the website, there are several factors that should be analyzed first.

In Front Media, a web design company in Markham Ontario has been designing and redesigning business websites for nearly 15 years and their Creative Director, Len Doren, offers this, When we meet with both new and existing clients who are pondering whether they need to redesign their company website, we first discuss some basic pointers to help determine the best plan of action.

For many businesses, the initial reason for considering a website redesign usually revolves around an older website that has served its purpose and by design and functionality standards, is behind-the-times.

Len goes on to add, The most common response we get from a new client is usually the fact that the original website design is old, which in most cases means the site was developed more than 5 years earlier. And when I hear that, I usually advise that there may be very little that can be salvaged from the old site. In most cases when that much time has passed, not only will there have been significant advances made in web technology, there are usually many changes within the business itself.

Here are some important pointers to ponder when considering a redesign of the company website.

1) The website is old and the design does little to promote the business in today’s current market.

If the website was created between 2-4 years ago, a good face-lift could be an option. If the site is 5 years old or more its time for a complete overhaul.

2) The website is not compatible with smart phone screens.

Sites that do not have responsive website design attributes to allow the site to render on all types of internet devices can miss out on sales opportunities from people on-the-go.

3) The competition is revamping their sites.

This is as good a reason as any to redesign the company website. Keeping up with the times is one thing, but keeping up with the competition is imperative!

4) New functionality is needed on the site.

Developing new apps or functions for a website can be time-consuming and expensive. However, using WordPress plugins on a newly developed responsive WordPress website is a great idea because most plugins are free or can be had for a nominal cost – and, they could save the company hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

5) A way to update the site content in-house is desired.

Redesigning a site with a Content Management System allows just about anyone with even little experience, to update many parts of the company website. WordPress offers this feature which has been part of its framework for years.

IFM Web Services offers Responsive Web Design, website analysis, SEO Press releases, Search Optimization and Facebook pages for businesses. Located in the Toronto area (GTA), IFM has helped business achieve an effective online presence and has helped clients as far away as Bermuda and Mexico. For more on Social Media, SEO or Web Design for businesses, visit IFM at http://www.ifm.ca.

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Cozy Digital Ranks #1 on Which Web Design Companys List

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh (PRWEB UK) 14 August 2014

Cozy Digital (http://www.cozy-digital.co.uk) has announced its rise to #1 position on Which Web Design Companys (WWDC) list of Scottish ecommerce companies.

This is exciting news for us as a company. Our #1 position on WWDC is testament to how Cozy Digital takes care of its customers and promotes the formation of lasting, successful working relationships which are mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Wed like to thank all of our clients for their honest reviews of our company and for giving us the opportunity to reach an even wider audience of businesses who are seeking trustworthy, established Scottish ecommerce digital agencies to work with, said Graham Lyons, a Director of the digital agency based in the Scottish capital.

Im thrilled to see Cozy Digital featured in a prominent position on such a respected and well-recognised website as WWDC. This added recognition of our agency comes at a particularly advantageous time for us, as we have recently launched a new series of ecommerce packages which have been designed to give our clients, new and old, an even wider range of options than ever before, at some truly great-value prices.

The fact that, as of 12th August, 2014, WWDC features over 7500 registered web design companies, as well as over 9000 client reviews, just goes to show how impressive our #1 ranking position as the top website design and ecommerce digital agency in Scotland really is.

WWDCs rankings are based upon a combination of factors, the biggest percentage of which is determined by client reviews (source: http://www.whichwebdesigncompany.com/wwdc-rank). At the time of writing, Cozy Digitals WWDC profile indicates that the company has 59 reviews, with an average review rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 (source: http://www.whichwebdesigncompany.com/uk/profile/cozy-digital).

Business owners interested in finding out more about Cozy Digitals range of services can visit http://www.cozy-digital.co.uk or call 0131 560 1790 for extra information.

About Cozy Digital

Cozy Digital, the #1 ranked ecommerce digital agency in Scotland (according to WWDC rankings) provides its clients with superior web design, ecommerce, SEO and SMM solutions.

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Softpress Announces Release of Freeway 7 with Responsive Web Design

Oxford, United Kingdom (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

Softpress (http://www.softpress.com) has announced the exciting release of its popular web design software Freeway 7 Pro, which now features responsive design for creating websites that automatically adapt to display for any device. With its easy and intuitive page layout approach, Freeway Pro is the powerful web design tool for Mac OS X that enables users to design, build and publish beautiful, professional-quality websites and e-mail newsletters without the necessity for coding or HTML knowledge and now Freeway 7 includes more flexibility than ever before.

Freeway 7 now offers responsive web design, which means that web designers can easily create sites that will adapt as needed to display for the correct devices, from phones and tablets, to laptops and more. Its a vital task in todays world, where an enormous amount of web surfing is accomplished on mobile devices, and thanks to Freeway 7, its now easy to accommodate those different device layouts for a site without the use of separate pages for each device.

Freeway 7′s easy WYSIWYG approach on the Mac OS X platform means that anyone can begin designing for the web in minutes. Users can create stunning original websites and e-mail newsletters without having to code, simply by manipulating ‘box elements’ of text, images or videos as needed. Freeway 7 then automatically translates these elements into the necessary code for publishing to the web (or to e-mail newsletter format) automatically.

Were excited to announce the launch of Freeway 7, continuing our tradition of offering the easiest tools for the toughest jobs, comments Joe Billings, Softpress Managing Director. Websites are visual experiences. We believe, to be truly intuitive, the website design process should be just the same, so that the most creative designers have the freedom to design in an entirely visual way. Freeway 7 is our best work yet.

Freeway 7 also continues to make it easy for users to incorporate dynamic functionality such as e-commerce, multimedia, and navigation menus to sites, maximizing all of the latest technologies available to web designers along with surprising flexibility and customization.

Exciting new features offered in Freeway 7 include:

Small Business Web Design Awards Announced for the First Time on 10 Best Design

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) July 18, 2014

Although the organization started with just three headstrong members of the web design industry, the awards organization 10 Best Design has grown to service hundreds of thousands of service seekers across dozens of categories. Today, the platform has matured to become one of the largest in the field of awards for interactive, web-based design. This month, they have released their first, inaugural ranking of the top small business website design companies.

Maxburst, one of a growing number of small business website development agencies across the country, was recently ranked Number One by 10 Best Design in its list of the Top 10 Best Small Business Web Design Firms in the United States.

Maxburst was listed among the 10 best firms that can help top startup companies get their websites right. 10 Best Design is the Number One site for ranking web designs. Besides ranking the Best Small Business Web Design Firms, it also ranks Website Design Awards.

The top three small business website development agencies are Maxburst, Hudson Horizons of Saddle Brook, New Jersey, and Southern Web Group of Atlanta, Georgia.

Maxburst works closely with its clients to create the businesss ideal website, one thats attractive and highlights the goods and services that are provided by the client.

The websites designed are easily located on many highly visited search engines. Maxburst has serviced such companies as Cannon and Trump International Hotels: Las Vegas. They offer an impressive resume to go along with their impeccable work.

Number Two of the Top 10 is Hudson Horizons. The primary goal of the firm is to use all available tools to provide the customer with the best looking, and highest quality site possible, allowing the clients to take their business to the next level.

Number Three on the list is Southern Web Group. The agency is dedicated to helping develop the new relationships made from the website while also driving up the sales of the company. The Southern Web Group offers testimonials from former clients, and allows potential clientele to view prior web design projects the company has produced. Developing a relationship with their clients helps Southern Web Group preserve their conscientious maintenance of the clients site.

The remainder of the top 10 small business website development agencies are: 4. Dotcomweavers, of Paramus, New Jersey; 5. Cynexis, of Columbus, Ohio; 6. Magic Logix, of Carrollton, Texas; 7. Konstant Infosolutions, of North Palm Beach, Florida; 8. Rose City Websites, of Portland, Oregon; 9. Comrade, of Chicago, Illinois; 10. Dotlogics, of Great Neck, New York.

These 10 small business website design agencies would be an excellent place to start when building top startup companies. Any of the top 10 would do everything in their power to help their clients business flourish in the modern world.

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