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Dart: A Language for Structured Web Programming by Seth Ladd and Steve Messick

Dart is a new structured web programming language, complete with libraries, a virtual machine, and editor. Dart is Google’s effort to make it easier and more productive to build complex and rich modern web apps. This brown bag will introduce Dart, explain its motivations, and give an overview of the effort and where it’s going. The project is in Technology Preview, so now is the perfect time to check it out, provide feedback, and help sharpen Dart. As a special treat, we will get an introduction to, and a demo, of the Dart Editor.
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Dart: A Language For Structured Web Programming

Seth Ladd, Developer Advocate at Google, introduces us to Dart, a new class-based programming language for creating structured web applications. Developed with the goals of simplicity, efficiency, and scalability, the Dart language combines powerful new language features with familiar language constructs into a clear, readable syntax. Some of the topics covered include: -Motivations to create the language -Features unique to Dart -Isolates -DOM -Code Samples ** see more videos on open source development at marakana.com

A new web programming interface from Application Craft

www.applicationcraft.com has what they say is the quickest way to build apps. This is generally aimed at corporate developers, and looks like a modern Visual Studio — everything is in the web browser. Here I spend a bit of time with founder Freddy May who gives me a good look at what it does and why it’s an important new entrant into the web programming field.
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