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Myofascial Roller Massage Reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, Announced Performance Health

Akron, OH (PRWEB) April 17, 2014

A recently published study in The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy demonstrated the effectiveness of an inexpensive, easy-to-use massage tool on reducing hamstring muscle soreness after high intensity exercise. The study, conducted at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Copenhagen, Denmark, investigated the acute effect of massage with the TheraBand Roller Massager+ on delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

DOMS, often observed in athletes, is a common consequence of unaccustomed exercise or overtraining especially with the inclusion of extensive eccentric contractions. The presence of DOMS inhibits muscle activity or motor performance for up to several days following the initiating event. One of the major symptoms of DOMS is muscle pain and stiffness, which can cause inhibition of force production of the involved muscle. Treatments such as ice, stretching, exercise and massage have been recommended to reduce DOMS, but the research remains unclear on how to best to manage DOMS.

Myofascial rolling has become popular in fitness for both warm-up and recovery, but published research remains scarce. This study involved 22 healthy untrained men performing high volume stiff-legged dead lifts to induce DOMS of both hamstrings.

In addition to sports performance, soreness, pain and stiffness of muscles and joints can interfere with work and activities of daily living for millions of individuals, stated Lars L. Andersen, PhD, Professor with the National Research Centre for the Working Environment. Because of this, we elected to use non-athletes in this study so that the results would be meaningful and transferable to a larger population base.

Approximately forty-eight hours after performing the DOMS-inducing exercise, the 22 participants were asked to rate the level of their hamstring muscle soreness. Hamstring flexibility and hip flexion range of motion (ROM) and pressure pain threshold (PPT) were also recorded. Each participant was subsequently randomly assigned to either a roller massage treatment group or a control group. The TheraBand Roller Massager group received a roller massage for 10 minutes on one hamstring with moderate pressure at one to two seconds per stroke. The other hamstring remained untreated.

Study participants that received the roller massage treatment had significantly less soreness and tenderness compared to the control group. There was no significant difference in flexibility between groups.

Our research team concluded that the massage administered with a TheraBand Roller Massager+ had a soreness reducing effect to the affected hamstring, continued Dr Andersen. Interestingly, there was also a significant reduction in pain in the non-treated hamstring, suggesting a central nervous system or cross over effect of the Roller Massager+ on DOMS pain.

About the Academy

The TheraBand Academy was formed to scientifically document the benefits of resistance exercise and pain relief, guide the company in its development of new products and exercise programs, and to promote therapeutic exercise and pain management through professional and consumer education. The Academy web site is a unique resource that connects healthcare professionals and consumers to the ever growing body of knowledge on exercise. Registration is free and provides access to the largest database of rehab exercises, protocols, research and education in the world.

About Performance Health

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International Conference: Ventas Central MD Keynote Speaker at Barcelona Event

Barcelona, Spain (PRWEB) April 09, 2014

At the weekend, the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I played host to a Sales Conference in Barcelona, where Josh Peace delivered a motivational speech to 130 business owners from across the UK and Europe. Josh Peace, who is the managing director of Ventas Central offered step-by-step advice on how to run meetings, how to improve productivity and overall business performance. The two-day event featured a number of experienced speakers from the field of outsourced sales, who gave advice about business growth, driving profits and business strategies.

Time management and improving productivity is an area MDs and CEOs have been focused on improving in the last year following research revealing just how much time people waste at work. On 21st March 2013, journalist Susan Adams of Forbes published an article titled, How We Waste Time at Work. She sourced statistics from the 2013 survey which highlighted 24% of workers waste one hour a day, 11% waste a few hours a day, and just 10% of workers claimed they waste no hours a day. When asked to share how they waste their time, 43% said talking with co-workers, 28% said web surfing and 2% said shopping online. Josh Peace of Ventas Central is very committed to motivating his firm whilst at work to improve productivity, as this results in an increase in business performance.

The venue, Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I is one of Barcelonas luxury hotels and is located in a unique resort situated in the heart of the citys main avenue, Diagonal. The venue made for the perfect host with its 432 luxury rooms and professional conference facilities.

Josh Peace has a history of public speaking, and is regularly sought out by businesses looking for a motivational speaker for business events in the UK and throughout Europe. On average, Josh Peace speaks at such events five to six times a year. His last event was at Londons Grand Connaught Rooms in February where he spoke on Developing a Culture of Success.

Josh Peace is the managing director of London-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, Ventas Central. The firm execute promotional programs and strategically designed sales and marketing campaigns throughout the UK. Ventas Centrals vast experience in the industry helps their clients produce maximum client distribution through using direct marketing methods.


WordSouth Restructures Staff to Position Company for Growth

Rainsville, AL (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

A leading content marketing and custom publishing company serving the rural utilities market has announced a realignment of its staff. The changes we are announcing today will position us to respond to growth while continuing to deliver service that is second-to-none in the industries we serve, says Stephen V. Smith, founder and president of WordSouth A Content Marketing Company. We have been blessed with a staff of extremely talented people, and this realignment puts them into positions where they can help our companys growth.

Andy Johns, a content manager for WordSouth since 2011, has been promoted to managing editor of the Regional Telco Magazine, a consumer magazine WordSouth publishes for the rural telecommunications industry. In his new role, Johns coordinates the overall editorial process for the publication.

“WordSouth has always been a company that supports innovation, and I think this is another example of that, says Johns. Its great to have the trust and support of the companys owners as they work to improve our system. I look forward to helping WordSouth expand the Regional Telco Magazine and helping more rural telecommunications companies tell their important story.

Prior to joining WordSouth, Johns spent six years in the newspaper industry writing for the Rome (Ga.) News-Tribune, the Anniston (Ala.) Star and the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times-Free Press. He graduated from Berry College with a degree in communications and later graduated with his MBA from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Jared Dovers, operations manager for WordSouth, has been promoted to managing editor of the companys electric utility division. In his new role, Dovers oversees production of all publications for WordSouths electric utility clients. He will also continue to be responsible for all Web design projects for the company.

WordSouths greatest strength is our ability to help our clients tell their stories, says Dovers. Since joining the company, I have helped electric utilities share their message and educate consumers on the challenges facing this essential industry. I am honored to be able to do that on a larger scale, and I appreciate the confidence WordSouth has placed in me to help grow the electric utility division.

A native of Scottsboro, Ala., Dovers has worked at WordSouth since 2010. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Tex. His varied experience prior to joining WordSouth includes public heath, microbiology research and communications support in the municipal electric industry.

Andy and Jared both have shown tremendous skill and drive in every arena, says Smith. We are confident they will meet the challenges of their roles, and are excited to see them grow personally as they help WordSouth meet and exceed its potential in the markets we serve.

The other members of the WordSouth team include:

Kerry Scott Scott has been part of WordSouth since 2005. Through the years, she has held many different titles and responsibilities. Her primary responsibility is serving as a content manager for Regional Telco Magazine participants in Alabama. Scotts writing, design and photography skills are also put to work on various other projects, for clients in both the telecommunications and electric utility industries. Her background includes experience in both the banking and bookkeeping industries.

Brian Lazenby Lazenby joined WordSouth in 2012 as a content manager. He works with Regional Telco Magazine participants in Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. A graduate of Jacksonville State University with a degree in English and History, Lazenbys work before joining WordSouth includes that of a news reporter for the Anniston Star and the Chattanooga Times-Free Press. He also worked in media relations at Memorial Healthcare System in Chattanooga.

Patrick Smith A native of Bloomington, Ill., Smith joined WordSouth as a content manager in 2013. He works with Regional Telco Magazine participants in Tennessee and Kentucky. A graduate of Western Kentucky Universitys photojournalism program, Smith spent seven years as videographer and staff photographer for the Chattanooga Times-Free Press before joining WordSouth.

Elizabeth Wootten As administrative assistant, Wootten has administrative and editorial responsibilities at WordSouth. She creates projects and print orders, and serves as the liaison between the mail house and Regional Telco Magazine participants. She also manages daily office operations and provides administrative support to the president. From an editorial standpoint, Wootten writes articles, provides research and serves as a copyeditor. Wootten, who joined WordSouth in 2012, will graduate Athens State University in May with a Bachelor’s in English.

Beth Garrett Garrett joined WordSouth earlier this year as marketing coordinator. Her responsibilities range from project management to social media, helping coordinate marketing and public relations efforts for WordSouth and its clients. She recently graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in commerce and business administration. While at the university, Garrett completed an internship with an online company where she managed blog content and content contributors.

WordSouth was formed on New Years Day 1996 by Stephen V. Smith and his wife Michele Smith, on the foundation of Stephens years of management and newspaper experience. Micheles early responsibilities included graphic design and bookkeeping, roles she continues to play today. The husband and wife team has worked the past 18 years to build a company with a reputation for offering quality editorial and design services to telecommunications companies and electric utilities across several states.

WordSouth engages the power of content marketing to help rural utilities connect with their communities. The company produces custom content, such as magazines, brochures, annual reports and bill inserts, through an all-encompassing approach that saves clients both time and money. For more information about WordSouth, visit the company website at

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ASK LISTEN RETAIN’s Customer Retention Specialists – Improves Social Media and Web Presence

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

Being in the customer retention and customer loyalty marketplace since 1994, our goal has always been to bring the latest technologies to the forefront and to give our customers the edge that they need. Now it’s our turn!! We’ve spent the hours required to get our updated image in front of our prospective customers.


By a coordinated effort with Vocus (, helping us to attract and engage prospects, nurture customers, and measure and improve our marketing effectiveness.

Another key partner in ASK LISTEN RETAIN’s on-line presence makeover, is the partnership with Fraser Valley Webs ( They are a forward thinking design company specialising in strong branding.

Facebook and LinkedIn Business page creation – for businesses looking for what’s going on in today’s world of customer retention, customer loyalty, customer engagement, our LinkedIn business page searches daily for hot discussions, blogs, Facebook posts and so on. ASK LISTEN RETAIN also regularly posts to this page our own thoughts and concepts on what makes for a great customer retention program.

Animated Videos and presentations – Animated videos has allowed us to use images and text to explain the technical aspects of how our products work in a 1-2 minute video compared to a 3 paragraph text page which then increased our conversions by 300% in the first month.


The ASK LISTEN RETAIN process is a revolutionary product that helps a business to systematically gather, analyse and use information regarding their customer service issues. What makes it more effective than other programs is that the customer satisfaction data that is gathered via professional business to business telephone surveys is captured into a closed loop system. After we ASK your customers the important questions, our program helps management at each level LISTEN to the voice of your customers and deal with concerns discovered during the survey process. Your business can quickly make strategic decisions to RETAIN customers and further improve customer loyalty.

We ASK the important questions, your LISTEN and RETAIN customers for a lifetime by building quality relationships! Reveals Key Technologies Driving The Next Generation of Messaging

(PRWEB) March 24, 2014

“Nextwave’s Walkabout Smart Messaging Service leverages Typesafe’s Reactive technologies — Play Framework and Akka — to power a revolutionary and highly scalable OTT messaging platform,” said Typesafe CEO, Mark Brewer. He continued: “This is a very innovative execution of our technology and we are proud to support Nextwave in this groundbreaking effort.”

Walkabouts smart messaging eliminates the redundancy of multiple messaging platforms, allowing users to connect and collaborate via browser over voice, video, chat and more. Without compelling users to install software, Walkabout contributes an intelligent agent to each conversation, empowering communication with contextually relevant information and services.

Nextwaves Walkabout is built on Windows Azure. Windows Azure is Microsofts public and hybrid Cloud platform designed for high-availability, scalability, reliability, interoperability and security across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Nextwave has chosen Windows Azure as the IaaS platform of choice using Linux virtual machines. We look forward to working with them and supporting them through our programs like Microsoft BizSpark for Start-Ups, says David LeBlanc, Windows Azure Product Manager for Microsoft Canada.

“By leveraging Neo4js world class Graph DB technology to supercharge Walkabouts social and knowledge graph features, they have made the best possible technology choice for this,” said Peter Neubauer, Co-Founder of Neo4j. He added: We look forward to supporting Walkabout as it scales into the millions and seeing which new valuable insights this uncovers as they chart the unexplored.

The messaging space is rife with jockeying by all the major social networking providers for consumer attention. In 2014, this space has witnessed unprecedented consolidation with Vibers $ 1B exit to Rakuten and the $ 19B acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook. This has created tremendous demand for differentiated and context aware messaging features.

“OTT Messaging is a mature technology space that is ripe for disruption, said Chris Boothroyd, CEO of Nextwave Software. By adding agent-driven artificial intelligence to social networking and messaging, we can change the entire concept of what it means to communicate and make peoples lives simpler and better. Its time to harness all of that technology out there, turn it around and make it work for all of us.

The technologies of Typesafe, Windows Azure and Neo4j are critical in facilitating the Walkabout platform, and were extremely pleased to have them involved, continued Boothroyd,They are world-class leaders in their technologies, and building on their innovations provides us with the security of scale and seamlessness in transforming messaging into a whole new realm of opportunity.


As the leaders in next generation messaging technology, were creating a revolutionary platform that will make life simpler. By using smart messaging technology to harness the all the internet has to offer, Walkabout delivers better conversations and better informed consumer decisions. Join our beta Invite at and stay tuned.

Its your world. Harness it. is the registered trademark of Nextwave Software Inc. All rights reserved, Patents Pending. Typesafe, Scala and Akka product names are trademarks of Typesafe or its subsidiaries or affiliates. Windows Azure is the trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Neo4j product names are trademarks of Neo Technology or its subsidiaries or affiliates.

Contact for More Information:

Nextwave Software Inc.

Chris Boothroyd


Suite 404 – 125A, 1030 Denman Street

Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V6G 2M6

TEL +1 415.800.4942


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HTML Web Programming Tutorial Series – #2 Text Editor & Work Environment

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SilverTribe Offering Dramatic Deals and Discounts on Jewelry to Celebrate March

(PRWEB) March 01, 2014

After what has been a rough winter season for many around the country, springtime is on the way. The month of March officially marks the start of spring, and with the change in seasons comes a change in wardrobe. Bulky winter gear gives way to lighter fabrics, and functional hues are replaced by brighter shades.

In celebration of spring, SilverTribe, the online leader in Native American and Southwest fashion jewelry, is offering up to 60% off prices on select and special jewelry as part of its March jewelry deals sale.

The March jewelry deals feature some of the lowest prices of the year on some of our most popular jewelry, said SilverTribe spokesperson Chris Anderson. With warmer temperatures on the horizon, its the perfect time to spruce up any spring wardrobe with new fashion jewelry.

The March jewelry deals discount applies to select rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, buckles, pendants and sets in SilverTribes special collection. Blue, black and multicolor gemstones are just some of the color options that are available.

Precious turquoise is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our massive collection, said Anderson. Opal, Coral, Onyx, Lapis and Oyster are just some of the precious items housed in our massive vaults.

No promo code is necessary to take advantage of this sale as discounts have already been applied. Many of the items included in this special sale are one-of-a-kind and inventory is limited. As always, SilverTribe doesnt charge anything for standard shipping to addresses in the United States.

SilverTribe visitors are also encouraged to sign up for the email VIP program. Members of the program have special and exclusive deals delivered straight to their inbox. New email VIPs receive an instant 10% discount just for signing up.

For more information and to shop the March jewelry deals, or to view the largest collection of Native American and fashion jewelry on the web, please visit

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