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Izenda 6.9 Update Simplifies Dashboard Customization in Business Intelligence & Analytics

ATLANTA, GA (PRWEB) June 03, 2015

Izenda version 6.9 makes dashboard design and view customization easy for users with its controls all in one place, enhancing the control and functionality of Izendas embedded, self-service business intelligence and analytics platform. Izendas industry leading platform delivers ad-hoc reports and dashboards, data visualizations and forms.

This latest update provides the most seamlessly embedded and user-friendly BI and analytics platform in which customizing dashboards has never been easier.

Most tools on the market have distinct dashboard designers and viewers often on separate servers or on a desktop. Izenda has both design and view in one place and with this update continues to improve the platforms usability for technical as well as non-technical users. Dashboard tiles can be dragged and dropped and also resized on the fly. Theres no limit to the number of tiles that can be added to dashboards.

A new Auto Gauge feature empowers users to create and customize dashboards that provide clear analytical call-outs to other users informing them of the need to take action or dive deeper into the source data behind the KPI. Izendas core features already provide real-time data reporting and exploration capabilities. Users who are alerted by a dashboard call-out can immediately access the information they need to make a data driven decision in the host application.

Sharing and scheduling in the dashboard viewer/designer continues to enhance Izendas ability for users to tell stories from the real-time data. By leveraging data in a slide show format, each user can more easily collaborate with others as they make data-driven decisions inside the application they use every day.

With this latest feature, Izenda improves the ability users have to share the stories that their organizations data tells them to make the best business decisions in real time, said Lee Nagel, Izenda VP of Marketing.

Enhancements to the Data Sources functionality allows more analytical users to create a report with complex calculations and expressions and save it as a data source. This allows other users to leverage these virtual views to build reports and dashboards, layers of calculations and what-if scenarios. Also it permits users to perform ad-hoc cleaning and aggregation of data sources outside the relational database management system (RDBMS) without having to involve expensive and scarce technical resources.

Everything about Izenda is web-based, making it the most cloud ready BI platform on the market. For independent software vendors whose applications have unique security requirements, Izenda maintains support for hybrid or on premise deployment models.

Improvements to Dashboard 2.0 were attained through the use of Angular.js, keeping Izenda at the leading edge of technology. In a world where every calculation, every new application and its impact on performance is heavily scrutinized, Izenda continues to pursue a standard of a lightweight web application, improving the performance and usability of the host application.

By using Angular.js, Izenda provides the end user with the most seamless and responsive experience possible. This underlying base for writing single-page applications (SPAs) puts everything into the browser at once to run the web-based application. That puts the work on the end users device, and not on the server. The server only gets accessed as needed for new data.

That makes Izenda faster and more responsive in terms of making customizations of dashboards and generating reports.

Angular.js gets the blessing of the developers world, as Google wrote it, Microsoft endorses it and the open source community loves it.

The 6.9 update assures that Izenda remains the most cloud ready, self-service embedded BI and Analytics platform while maintaining its strong support for hybrid or on premise deployment models that have unique security requirements, Nagel said. With this release we continue to build upon Izendas usability and seamless integration into our clients’ applications.

Izendas integration-ready .NET web application will be moving to.NET 4.0.

About Izenda

Izenda is a leading business-intelligence platform purpose-built for Independent Software Vendors, Solutions Providers and Enterprise users. Our integrated BI platform allows end-users to easily access, visualize, and share valuable data and insights in real time. Embedded seamlessly in your application, Izenda delivers BI directly to the people who need it most. Our core business is BI. Let Izenda do what we do best, so you can do what you do best. To find out more about Izenda’s platform, visit http://hubs.

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Contact Information

Lee Nagel, VP Marketing at Izenda, Inc.

Phone: 470.299.9443

Email: lee.nagel(at)izenda(dot)com

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Palm Beach Podiatry Website Offers Breakthrough Information in Foot Care

Palm Beach, Florida (PRWEB) June 02, 2015

Anyone battling foot or ankle pain knows that finding a good doctor is paramount for getting the right treatment for the right problem. Websites are a good source of information when searching for a podiatrist, but Palm Beach Podiatry has launched its website with more than just a wealth of information about its background and services. Because the doctors at Palm Beach Podiatry are serious about patient relationships, they wanted their website to reflect their commitment to staying up to speed on foot care research and development across the globe.

Determined to give patients more than just great foot care, podiatrists Dr. Richard Schorr and Dr. David Feder created their new website to help keep patients educated and updated on foot care discoveries from around the world. The website was designed to include reports on breaking news and advancements in the field of podiatry.

In addition to reporting these important news stories, the Palm Beach Podiatry website provides patients and potential clients with information about its services, treatments, and dedication to treating patients like part of the family. Availability is a guiding principle at Palm Beach Podiatry, and its doctors demonstrate that principle in two ways: through their convenient locations and the way they schedule appointments.

Both Dr. Feder and Dr. Schorr understand that convenience is important when choosing a doctor. To help patients travel less and make treatment easier and faster, Palm Beach Podiatry has numerous offices around the southeast Florida area, including Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lantana, Lake Worth, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, West Palm Beach, and Greenacres. Moreover, the doctors schedule extra time for each appointment, so patients dont feel ignored or disrespected. They never overbook appointments, and this ensures that patients are given as much time as they need.

Palm Beach Podiatry also takes a unique approach to foot care because this clinic treats children. The doctors handle pediatric foot care from newborn to toddler to adolescent, and theres a pediatric section on their website specifically dedicated to this age group. These doctors are skilled in diagnosing and treating childrens foot disorders, including toe walking, flat feet, pigeon toes, and sports injuries. Because Dr. Feder and Dr. Schorr understand that young children suffer from common adult foot problems, they have the tools and resources to address these issues.

Not only does Palm Beach Podiatry offer a variety of pediatric treatment options, it provides expertise in lower extremity problems including heel and arch pain, diabetic foot pain, exams for skin cancer, spider veins, ingrown toenails, and fungal infections. Palm Beach Podiatry is equipped to diagnose and help treat all problems related to the foot, ankle, calf, or thigh, and this differentiates it from other clinics. This website was designed by Foster Web Marketing, the nations premiere marketing service for medical practices, law firms, and other small businesses.

To learn more visit

About Foster Web Marketing:

Founded in 1998, Foster Web Marketing (FWM) offers attorneys, physicians, and other professionals across North America and overseas an effective online marketing approach that combines appealing and intuitive design with the latest search engine optimization, comprehensive marketing services, and content management strategies. FWM has proven that it is possible to build a Made in the USA business with excellent customer service in a very competitive market, all while helping its clients succeed through powerful websites and proven education-based marketing techniques using its proprietary secret weapon, Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSSTM). To learn more, please visit

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Meditract Engages RUNNER Agency to Re-Focus Website

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 28, 2015

RUNNER Agency announces the completion of the website re-launch for MediTract, one of the nations leading contract compliance companies. MediTract chose RUNNER for its web development expertise and knowledge and experience in the medical field. The RUNNER team worked with MediTract to evaluate its products and services to find the most effective way to present them to their audience, and to set them up for success with their content marketing efforts via improved user experience, a focus on lead generation, and clean, updated design.

The website, which went live April 7, was designed to showcase MediTracts compliance solutions and target organizations seeking healthcare-related contract management and compliance software for their industry-specific needs. RUNNERs goal was to streamline the websites design to better organize and communicate the value of Meditracts products and services to its target market all with an emphasis on assisting MediTracts existing lead generation efforts by reorganizing service offerings and uncovering differentiators that help MediTract stand out in the marketplace, like its patented data security process, SecurTract.

We had the opportunity to work with a very dedicated group of people at a company that has such a great reputation in their industry, Lacy Judd, Co-Founder and Sr. Digital Strategist for RUNNER Agency, said. We are thrilled that they put their trust in us to create a brand new user experience for their website, and we were very pleased with the finished product.

We had an awesome experience working with the team at RUNNER, Lindsay Peabody, MediTracts Content Marketing Manager, said. RUNNERs expertise in branding, website development and digital marketing and its history in working with the healthcare industry were valuable assets for us during this critical project. We consider it a resounding success and are so glad to have partnered with such a committed group. They did an excellent job. The newly launched site can be found at

About RUNNER Agency

RUNNER is a leading digital strategy and inbound marketing agency in Dallas, Texas, that offers brand strategy, search engine marketing, paid media advertising, web development, and content marketing services to growth-stage companies. The agency is privately held by Co-Founders Reagan Judd and Lacy Judd. RUNNERs areas of expertise include marketing for the healthcare and medical industry. The Agency provides brand positioning and patient lead generation strategies for a wide variety of companies and groups in the medical sector, including the orthopedics, spine, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and dermatology fields. For more information, visit

About MediTract

Founded in 2000, MediTract provides expertise, technology and consulting to assist in the management of contracts and other critical business documents in support of healthcare system compliance programs. MediTract is trusted by over 1,400 hospitals across the United States for contract management solutions and strategies for their clients in services ranging from Critical Access to Enterprise Healthcare Systems and more.

MediTracts team is highly trained in the field of medical contract compliance. Their specialists hold Certified Healthcare Compliance accreditations enabling them to guide their clients to healthcare compliance solutions. With these CHC accreditations, the company is prepared from top to bottom to deliver those contract management solutions.

For More Information:

Derek Franks

Creative Content Producer




Shmoop Is Granted A-G Certification for Core ELA and Math Courses, Opening the Doors to Accessible and Fun Online Learning

Mountain View, California (PRWEB) May 26, 2015

The people at Shmoop University basically bleed gold. That’s why they’ve gone out of their way to give California users tailor-made resources, including Smarter Balanced California, a CAHSEE Teacher Guide, and now, multiple “a-g” certified courses.

Shmoop (, a digital publishing company aiming to make learning fun and relevant, has been granted a-g” certification for many of its Common Core-aligned courses, including 9th Grade ELA: Introduction to Literature, 11th Grade ELA: American Literature, 12th Grade ELA: British Literature, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, with more certifications and world domination to follow.

In order to receive certification, courses must meet rigorous standards for content and structure; according to the University of California A-G guide, approved courses are to be academically challenging, involving substantial reading, writing, problems and laboratory work (as appropriate), and show serious attention to analytical thinking, factual content and developing students’ oral and listening skills.” By meeting these criteriaand icing the cake with pop culture and humorShmoop Online Courses will now be honored as part of the requirements for admission into the University of California system.

Shmoop is where student engagement and rigor come together,” says Ellen Siminoff, president and CEO of Shmoop. “The a-g certifications cement Shmoops place as a leading provider of quality online high school curriculum.”

Shmoop believes that education should be accessible both academically and financially, and they offer discounts for schools and districts (contact sales[at]shmoop[dot]com for details).

About Shmoop

Shmoop is a digital curriculum and test prep company that makes fun, rigorous learning and teaching resources. Shmoop content is written by experts and teachers, who collaborate to create high-quality and engaging materials for teachers and students. Shmoop Courses, Test Prep, Teaching Guides, and Learning Guides balance a teen-friendly, approachable style with academically rigorous concepts. Shmoop sees 10 million unique visitors a month on its site and offers more than 7,000 titles across the Web, iPhone, Android devices, iPad, Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader. The company has been honored twice by the Webby Awards, named Best in Tech twice by Scholastic Administrator, and awarded Annual Education Software Review Awards (EDDIES) three years in a row. Launched in 2008, Shmoop is headquartered in a labradoodle-patrolled office in Mountain View, California.

Instant Technologies Announces New Release of Chime for Lync/Skype for Business: The Next Generation Service Desk for the Enterprise

Portsmouth, NH (PRWEB) May 26, 2015

Instant Technologies, a leading specialist in Unified Communications solutions, announces that the popular Chime product is revamped for version 2.1. With new management dashboards, increased functionality, new features, and full support for Skype for Business, Chime is ready to be the service desk solution of the future.

The same enterprise IM platform that supports internal communications in companies across the globe can now be used to support entire IT or sales help desks. Improved functionality makes Chime a more comprehensive solution while maintaining its scalability.

Chime provides click-to-chat functionality to service desks and IT help desks worldwide using Microsoft Lync and now Skype for Business. New dashboard designs give access to even more information at a glance, while new features include queue scheduling, agent ratings, seeker history, and more.

In addition, Chime now interacts with Chime Hub, a cloud-based portal that allows external click-to-chat services to route to internal Chime instances. With this integration, companies can use Chime to place a click-to-chat button on any public-facing website, and have customers connect through a web client to internal help desk agents.

Chime Hub is one of our favorite features of the new release of Chime, said Peyton McManus, President of Instant Technologies. It opens Chime up to a virtually limitless number of use cases that further leverages the Lync and Skype for Business platform.

With our without Chime Hub integration, Chime remains an ideal solution for internal IT help desks and service desk operations thanks to features like automatic routing, customizable agent priority levels, and agent skill tags.

Instant Chime 2.1 is available now for download. For more information or to download a free trial visit

To see all of the new features in this release, visit

About Instant Technologies

Instant Technologies specializes in developing innovative, enterprise-class IM compliance and IM based service desk applications for Microsoft Lync

Yamaha Corporation of America Names Eaton Chief Marketing Director

Buena Park, Calif. (PRWEB) May 22, 2015

Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) announced this week that Roger Eaton has been appointed as the companys chief marketing director. He will report to Tom Sumner, senior vice president, YCA and takes the reins from John Shalhoup, who was recently promoted to general manager of YCAs Pro Music Division.

Eaton is now responsible for overall Yamaha music and audio related promotion in the United States, developing and implementing new marketing strategies that ensure a cohesive Yamaha message across the companys product lines and sales channels to strengthen and elevate brand awareness.

The chief marketing director position plays a pivotal role in growing all Yamaha products, and Rogers track record of solid leadership, strong communication skills and imaginative marketing makes him the ideal candidate for this role, Sumner said. I am confident that he will elevate our companys overall marketing to increase the reach of the Yamaha brand.

Eaton, who brings nearly two decades of management and marketing experience with Yamaha to his new position, said he is excited about the opportunity to build on Yamahas long-standing reputation for excellence in music and sound products and services.

Our customers view all Yamaha products and services as one brand, and we are increasing our resources to be sure the customer experience is unparalleled, Eaton said. Well be focusing on our in-person events, social media and web strategies to enhance the brand experience and provide our customers with the knowledge they need to choose Yamaha as their preferred product.

Eaton took the reins as chief marketing director on May 18, having previously served as director of marketing for YCAs Band & Orchestral Division since 2004. He said his experience in successfully working to strengthen and broaden the Band & Orchestral Division and deliver unmatched customer service and support will help him lead Yamahas committed marketing team across the brand.

Yamaha is the only company that has a full complement of products for the institutional and school market, so my experience in the Band & Orchestral field will allow me to increase our total Yamaha value and solutions to educators and students, he said. Yamaha is already recognized as a brand that exemplifies a tradition of high quality, remarkable innovation and peerless customer support, so were going to work even harder to broaden that.

Eaton joined Yamahas Band & Orchestral Division in 1997 to create Dealer Development Services, a highly-acclaimed training program that strengthens Yamaha dealers business acumen. In 2002, he also took on the responsibilities of marketing manager for Winds and Stringed Instruments. In 2003, Eaton relocated with the Band & Orchestral division to YCAs national headquarters in Buena Park, Calif., and was promoted to sales and marketing manager. A year later, he was appointed the divisions director of marketing.

Under his leadership, Yamahas Band & Orchestral Division became the first band instrument company to create content-driven marketing programs including podcasts, online product training, and sell-through programs.

Eatons leadership extends beyond YCA. He is also a recognized leader in the music industry, including his service as a board member for both the Music Distributors Association and United Sound, a Yamaha-sponsored organization that helps provide access to school music for special needs children.

Additional information about Yamaha Corporation of America is available at


About Yamaha

Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) is one of the largest subsidiaries of Yamaha Corporation, Japan and offers a full line of award-winning musical instruments, sound reinforcement and home entertainment products to the U.S. market. Products include: Yamaha acoustic, digital and hybrid pianos, portable keyboards, guitars, acoustic and electronic drums, band and orchestral instruments, marching percussion products, synthesizers, professional digital and analog audio equipment, Steinberg recording products and Nexo commercial audio products, as well as AV receivers, amplifiers, Blu-ray/CD players, iPod docking systems, home-theater-in-a-box systems and its exclusive line of Digital Sound Projectors. YCA markets innovative, finely crafted technology and entertainment products and musical instruments targeted to the hobbyist, education, worship, professional music, installation and consumer markets.

Increased Microbial Activity Helps Overcome Cool Weather Plant Stress

Balaton, MN (PRWEB) May 20, 2015

Earlier plantings and planting into cold soils present challenges to crop growth and development. For example, corn is a warm season grass, which means that optimal growth for corn is around 85-90 degrees F. Corn will tolerate colder temperatures to around 50 degrees F, but growth will be slowed and sluggish. In a sense, the plant will be under some type of stress especially early in the growing season when temperatures are lower.

Modern genetics and defensive seed treatments have encouraged growers to plant earlier and the rewards for planting early are great when the weather cooperates by increasing temperatures. The risks of planting early include periods of time when the temperatures do not increase, or actually decrease. This puts the crop into stress that can be difficult for the plant to overcome, said Pete Hallberg, Agnition Field and Technical Agronomist. The slow response of soil microbial activity is related to the plants inability to obtain essential nutrients, and many nutrient deficiencies are observed.

Agnitions Microbial Catalyst

AIMGs Buyer Persona Focus for Website Redesign

Lake Success, NY (PRWEB) May 19, 2015

AIMG ( recently launched the new mobile-friendly, fully responsive website it designed for Donnelly Mechanical, a leading New York City HVAC contractor. Focusing the project on Donnellys buyer personas, AIMG developed content and design elements to align with the current needs and interests of Donnellys varied target audience groups. The goal was to set the stage for conversion and achieving trackable, quantifiable business goals.

Donnelly is a well-established company that serves a distinguished list of clientele representing some of the citys most prestigious buildings, said Joe DeMicco, Founder and CEO of AIMG. Before any content was developed, it was critical for us to understand the various buyer persona types that represent Donnellys ideal clients. We met individually with each of Donnellys department heads to develop profiles not only for the various buyer personas but also for each faction of the Donnelly team, from executive right through to the service guys in the field. This type of in-depth profiling allows us to develop content and communication initiatives that resonate and align with the intended audience, whether it is a loyal client, new prospect, or a member of the Donnelly team. Additionally, Persona Development empowers Donnelly to develop the right offers, programs, and communications for the right audience at the right time, such as aligning with seasonal needs or buying cycles, in order to achieve the desired business results. The process is a type of due diligence that gives you the insight you need to make an intelligent, informed plan designed to get you to your goal. Once everything is developed and in place, we continue to track and analyze behavior and the effectiveness of the content to make sure it is achieving what it needs to. Making timely adjustments is also part of the process.

The new website is a fully responsive design that can be accessed from virtually any device, including Smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops, and desktops. Working closely with Donnellys executive and marketing teams, AIMG developed messaging and images that allow Donnelly to be understood in ways that are important to them and meaningful to their targeted buyer personas.

A website is a business tool, explained Joe DeMicco. More than a calling card, it is a communication platform where you have the opportunity to attract and persuade visitors to establish a business relationship with your company. The success of your website depends on how well it aligns with what your audience is interested in and trying to achieve at that moment. Bottom line: you have to know your various audience groups, or as we say, your targeted buyer personas; otherwise, youre just guessing and you may as well be tossing coins in a fountain. Our experience proves you get better results with intelligent planning based on verifiable information. It is the way we approach everything we do, whether it is website design, content development, or management of a marketing campaign. Our business is to bring business to our clients. We have found that the best way to do that is to know as much as we can about our clients and those they serve. Our strategic Buyer Persona Development facilitates that understanding on a profound level.

The Donnelly Mechanical website is available at Information about Buyer Persona Development and Website Development is available at

About AIMG

Established in 1994, AIMG is a HubSpot certified inbound marketing and web development firm that works with companies of all sizes as a marketing and business development partner. Over the past two decades, AIMGs diverse team of in-house specialists have worked on thousands of successful web development, branding, sales/lead generation, and new market penetration projects, becoming a trusted partner to small business, medical, industrial B2B, non-profit, and corporate enterprises. With extensive experience working with marketing managers and business owners from start-ups to Fortune 500s, AIMG is valued for its deep knowledge of the digital landscape and custom strategies based on clients unique needs and goals. Watch AIMGs Small Business Solutions video to learn more about how AIMG brings Business to business. Visit or call toll free 1-888-291-0037 to learn more.

About Joe DeMicco

Joe DeMicco ( is a digital marketing and strategic growth specialist with more than 20 years of experience successfully helping B2B and B2C clients across industries grow their businesses. He is Founder and CEO of AIMG (formerly Accurate Imaging, Inc.), an integrated marketing and web development firm he started in 1992. A recognized small business authority and an alumnus of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, Joe is now a frequent panelist and presenter to current cohorts. He has contributed to the Huffington Post, been quoted by Newsday, and been featured on Small Business Administration Radio. Joe has also been invited to speak on a wide variety of marketing and small business development topics at a number of professional organizations including St. Johns University and La Guardia Community College. In addition to this, Joe offers business development Tips on his blog

NOVAtime Maintains Application Security Certification for the NOVAtime Workforce Management Solution since 2008

(PRWEB) May 19, 2015

DIAMOND BAR, CALIF. (PRWEB) May 20, 2015 — NOVAtime Technology, Inc. (, a leading provider of enterprise Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solutions, announced that NOVAtime Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solution has, once again, passed the thorough penetration tests performed by Plynt / Pladion, a security testing and verification expert. NOVAtime earned the first application security penetration certification in 2008.

The Plynt Certifications security protection criteria include the following: