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Belharra Announces a Partnership with CM First Group

Biarritz (France) and Austin, TX (USA) (PRWEB) October 29, 2014

Belharra, a software and integration services company in Biarritz, France, chose CM First as a technology partner in France. Belharra is exploiting CM Firsts solutions around CA 2E (Synon) and CA Plex. CM First offers modernization capabilities and software which help enterprises bring legacy CA 2E/Synon and CA Plex applications in line with current technical standards. One enterprise modernization project has been successfully deployed at Ets-Dupouy, an enterprise in the Bordeaux region.

Today, critical business, in-house-developed, business systems of many organizations are challenged to keep up with the demands of employees and customers:

Organizations need multichannel web and mobile apps to communicate with customers, suppliers, and employees.
End users demand a first class responsive design user experience, on all devices.
Yet many business applications have been developed with hard-to-support languages (CA 2E (Synon),RPG, COBOL, etc.)
And critical business rule expertise is held by experts facing retirement.

Faced with these problems, decision-makers are tempted to migrate to a vendor supplied enterprise software package or to rewrite the application. However, that journey can be long and costly.

“CM First offers an automated, pragmatic, and cost-effective modernization solution called CM M3; and this offering made the partnership attractive to Belharra. The Belharra and CM First methodology allows companies to rapidly modernize business applications without impact to the business, Bruno LeConte, Managing Director, CM First France, said. Technologies mastered by CM First and Belharra enable automatic migration of legacy code of specific business applications developed under AS400, to the new technical standards Java J2EE. Also, the continuity of the business application is guaranteed with web and mobile access.

“Belharra believes that the new information technologies help to modernize information systems to meet the expectations of Executive Management teams. Migration projects have much better and faster measurable ROI than those recorded during the deployment of a new ERP,” says Patrick BOURG, COO at Belharra.

CM First is a gold level partner with CA Technologies, offering customers deep expertise in CA 2E and CA Plex. For companies seeking to move to a modern application development platform, CM First offers M3 an expert, automatic code migration from CA 2E to CA Plex. Another modernization differentiator is CM WebClient, which enables companies to web and mobile-enable legacy applications; the solution has been awarded CA Smart by CA Technologies.

CM First is a leader in application modernization in the United States, among others. Often CM First relies on partner resellers to help extend their reach into new markets. The latest partnership is with Belharra, a software development firm based in Bassussarry, France.

Belharra has a desirable customer base, speaks the customers language and has earned a positive reputation with them. said Bruno LeConte. CM First looked to Belharra to enhance its reputation for industry-leading modernization expertise.

The first partnership customer is Ets-Dupouy SBCC, a specialty food importer/exporter. Founded in 1928, it is located in Bruges near Bordeaux. The company-specific application allows management and tracking of quotes, optimizes the cost of transactions and secures administrative oversight of the transport of goods between domestic and overseas territories and departments.

Originally developed in CA 2E (Synon) and RPG green screen mode, this key application needed to be modernized to support mobility and the web. In addition, the stress of finding AS400 technical skills capable of supporting the development of modern information systems became a real risk to Executive Management.

With Belharras migration methodology and CM Firsts technology, Belharra undertook the modernization of the business application in 6-7 months. As a result, the application works on a J2EE architecture with the same data schema and user functionality replatformed to Linux. It is now available as a web app and will soon be deployed in extranet and Cloud access for customers and suppliers.

About CM First

CM First is a global software and services company with focus on application modernization, custom development of enterprise applications that support high-performing, and agile development teams in three key areas: Application Modernization for IBM Environments, Custom Application Development Architected and Agile, Tools and Technology for Future Development. Reference customers include Hapimag (travel industry), United Heritage (insurance) and Hartman & Hartman (construction).

About Belharra

Belharra was created in April 2006 in Biarritz (France). Specialized in digital services, it offers its expertise in two domains: the integration of IT services for modernization including mobility and collaborative internet; and the edition of e-SCM, a Supply Chain Management solution specialized for the textile industry. The company employs 30 people and had an annual revenue of 3 M in 2013. Its customers are mainly enterprises from Mid-Market in France. Main references include Armor Lux, RIP CURL, Billabong, Eden Park, Petit Bateau (textile industry); CCI Poitou-Charentes, CHPF (French Polynesia Hospitals), FNTP, Mairie de Bayonne, Tiss

LiveCode 7.0 Launched: Increase App Downloads and Revenue with App Localization

Edinburgh, Scotland (PRWEB) October 23, 2014

Today RunRev Ltd announced the release of LiveCode 7, a major new revision of their multi-platform app development environment. Full, seamless support for creating apps that work in multiple languages has been added to this version. Additional benefits include support for teaching programming using the Raspberry Pi platform, support for Cocoa on Mac OS, a more powerful way to display web pages within apps and enhanced Linux support, including 64-bit Linux. With the addition of Raspberry Pi, LiveCode 7 now supports 7 platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Server and Raspberry Pi.

International App Support

LiveCode 7.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up to ensure completely seamless support for all the worlds languages. This means that developers can create international apps which work with all languages including Chinese and Japanese. The ability to render right to left languages such as Arabic has also been added. In addition to the ability to display and edit text, LiveCodes world class text and data processing capabilities have been redeveloped so that LiveCode automatically understands how to process text written in any language. This greatly reduces the amount of work the developer needs to do when creating an international app.

Kevin Miller, RunRev CEO, said, “In a global economy seamless support for app development for all languages is vital. We’re proud to have delivered this major rework of LiveCode, which delivers world-class support for building international apps. We know this release will help developers to increase the reach, downloads and revenues from their apps.

Dr. Andy Parng, LiveCode China’s CEO, commented: “LiveCode 7′s full Unicode support enables us to promote coding as a new literacy in China. Now everyone in China can download the free open source LiveCode 7 community version to build apps that seamlessly support Chinese double-byte characters.”

Enhanced Native Experience on Every Platform

Apps with LiveCode 7 are now even better native citizens on all supported platforms. Highlights include:

On the Mac the platform has been ported to use Cocoa. This brings a number of benefits to the usability and integration of Mac apps, including better window rendering and stronger support for Mac App Store sandboxing. Multimedia support has been moved to the faster and smoother AVFoundation, enabling richer and more responsive multimedia apps on the Mac.

On Linux the platform has been ported to use GTK. This latest windowing system means LiveCode apps look and perform beautifully. Additionally the platform has been ported to use 64-bit Linux on both the client and server versions for Linux. This makes it easier to install on modern Linux systems and capable of working with larger data sets in memory. The 64-bit port was developed in collaboration with LiveCodes open source community.

Support on all other platforms has been enhanced and updated. Support for iOS 8.1 is now included.

Embedded Browser

The engine that LiveCode uses to display web pages within apps has been entirely replaced on Windows and Mac (to use WebKit). As well as providing better performance, it also creates consistent rendering on all platforms supported (including mobile). The new object is capable of communicating bidirectionally between the web page and the app. This allows the creation of better hybrid web / native apps.

Raspberry Pi

An enthusiastic open source initiative has led to the provision of a Raspberry Pi build for LiveCode. This build is the first entirely new platform added by the community and is community supported. LiveCode is popular with educators teaching computer programming. The provision of LiveCode for the Rpi enhances uptake in schools and the wider community.

This release, the largest upgrade in the companys history, also contains over 1000 bug fixes and minor enhancements.

You can get LiveCode 7 here __Get LiveCode 7__.

About RunRev

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, RunRev has a vision that everyone can create apps. It makes the open source LiveCode platform for building native mobile, desktop and server applications. The visual workflow allows the user to develop apps live, while the natural language syntax is powerful and uniquely accessible. Commercial successes include both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. LiveCode apps have grossed over US $ 100 million and include #1 best sellers, enterprise business systems, games and productivity tools. The company is committed to promoting digital literacy schools using the platform have seen a doubling of uptake for their CS courses. In 2013 RunRev began an exciting initiative to provide an open source version of the LiveCode software. The first version of this, LiveCode Community, launched in April 2013.

Top Field Service Software Provider Intac International Releases their New App for Apple Devices

Burlington, MA (PRWEB) October 23, 2014

Intac International, the leading provider of field service software Wintac, is excited to announce that the company has expanded its new app into the iOS App Store. The app is now available on mobile iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads.

The free Wintac app is available with installment of the Wintac Web Portal, which is available as an add-on to the Wintac software suite. Field technicians can now access vital customer and job information while they are in the field from their Apple devices. They can view and alter work schedules, access documents, update orders, create invoices, and even collect payments on the field.

Before the release of this app, iPhone and iPad users had to open a browser on their device to access the Web Portal. With the addition of the iOS Wintac App, technicians now have access to the most important features of the portal through the app interface.

The app comes with a rich set of offline capabilities as well. Since field technicians are not always guaranteed Internet access, users with no Internet connection can view and edit the current days schedule, add new customers and jobs, edit existing jobs and convert work orders into invoices or proposals.

The iOS app comes on the heels of the Android version, which was recently made available for Android phones and tablets through the Google Play store.

Were very excited to make our app available to the technicians who prefer working with Apple devices, said Intacs COO, Deanna Duffy. Our goal as an organization is to make field service logistics easier to manage so our customers can focus on what theyre experts in and thats exactly what this app accomplishes.

For more information on Wintac and its functions for field service business, visit

About Intac International

Wintac is the flagship product of Intac International. Founded in 1988, Intac has over 25 years of experience developing and supporting the most widely-used all-in-one business management software for small to medium sized field service companies. Over 8,000 companies and more than 60,000 service professionals across the globe have chosen Wintac to run their business. Wintac has the largest customer base due to Intacs proven track record of providing the highest-quality software and support, at an incredibly affordable price. More information about Wintac can be found on their website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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